TUI Discovery

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Mivan refitted the TUI Discovery for its new deployment under Thomson Cruises. The purpose of the refit was to transform the previous RCCL ship from its original branding and naming “Splendour of the Seas” to the new TUI DISCOVERY. Mivan were contracted for the following areas:

Deck 10 – Deck Bar

This was to take an existing mobile bar and create a new fixed bar, which included new catering equipment and decorative exterior. This included all new services brought to the areas, including electrical water and drainage.

Deck 9 – Snack Shack

This was a whole new concept. We installed a new catering counter which serves both hot and cold food. It is based on a beach theme which Beach Huts and Picnic Tables. There is also a Grab & Go counter for those who want a quick snack. The ceilings and the huts were painted up brightly like a typical English beach resort.

Deck 8 – Suite Concierge

This area was an open section of internal deck which was future sales. Our scope was to create a room where the “Diamond Club Members” would have a place free from the rest of the passengers.

We installed a new bulkhead and reused existing doors to create a gated area. We also installed new wall covering and cabinetry to serve food and drinks from.

Deck 6 – Coffee Port

This was a refurbishment of an existing café. It was also increased in size by removing the Photo Gallery and creating a new seating area. Works included, new bulkhead panelling, Furniture, Seating, Carpets and Decoration. The furniture consisted of bookcases, Tables, open shelving above fixed cabinets.

Deck 5 – HDS

This area was designed to allow the passenger easy access to on board events and shore side excursions. We installed new counters and kiosks to both Port and Starboard sides of the area near the main reception. The works also included new carpet, ceiling works and bulkhead decoration.

Deck 5 – Shops

We were separately contracted by B&S to convert the existing shop areas into a new up to date experience. We gutted the shops completely as this was a new owner and they wanted to follow the experience of Duty Free shops they had in airports.

We created new Wall Units, Gondolas, POS Stations, Glass Displays and Rack Systems to present products from Clothing – Perfume – Toys – Alcohol.

Deck 4 – Atrium

This is the central area of the ship and the main meeting area of people moving around the interior of the ship. Our scope in here was new carpet, Wall covering, Ceiling decoration and new and reupholstered furniture.

Deck 4 – Broadway Theatre

This area involved new carpet, Existing Theatre seating reupholstered and the lighting within the seating repaired.

Deck 3 – Photo Suite & Puzzle Room

This area was the original conference room with a movable wall system to allow different combinations of room layouts.

The aim of our works was to create set rooms within the space which included new bulkheads and doors, create 2 Photo Suites so that the passengers can partake in private photography setups with family.

The other two rooms that were created are for the kids, creating set games rooms with challenges in a Detective theme.