Allure of the Seas

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Mivan completed a dry dock fit-out for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Allure of the Seas.

Deck 17 – Viking crown Lounge

This area was a public space used as a bar. It was decided in the revamping of the areas to create a new Suite Lounge and Costal Kitchen for the Gold Club Members. This involved removing the Wedding Chapel and Reception areas and building a new cooking galley. The existing bar was refinished to suit the new décor and new seating and tables were installed. A buffet counter to the port side was installed to allow for light breakfast and snacks throughout the day. This room gives a commanding view over the main body of the open decks forward. The galley was a major challenge as there were no services in the area before the work began. All ducting, Lifts, A60 steel bulkheads had to be installed.

Penthouse Suites

These were placed just behind the Viking Crown area. The area was taken back to bare steel and all existing services removed. The external glazing was removed and set back inboard to create a balcony. The suite was divided up into living dining room on the lower level and on a raised platform the master bedroom and ensuite. There was one Penthouse on each side of the ship. The ceilings were double height with feature ceiling drops throughout the rooms. There were new bulkheads created and full tiled floor covering.

Aqua Suites

These were 6 open deck areas to the aft ends of Deck 11, 12 & 14. The aim was to enclose the area and create a new suite consisting of a lounge, bedroom and bathroom. Again, there were no services within the area. Each level had its own layout as the space was diminishing the higher up the decks. Existing steel work had to be cut out to accommodate the layouts and new fully glazed screens installed to enclose the space. New air conditioning and other M&E services had to be brought to the area.


This is a new Sushi / Teppanyaiki restaurant on Deck 4. The room was originally part of the main dining room which was situated on the Port side of the ship. This was a back to steel refit. A new cooking galley had to be created within an area which had restrictions due to the life boat position. Existing portholes had to be removed and steel installed to reach the proper regulations. New A60 steel bulkheads installed and all M&E services brought into the area. A new A60 sliding door for the crew access was installed into a service stair well. The entrance for the public needed to meet regulations also as this opened on to an escape stairwell and so an A60 steel lobby with fire hydrant was created. The complete room had to be considered as a galley due to the fact the Teppanyaiki tables are open cooking in the public area whilst the passengers sit waiting for the food. A new sushi bar along with 3 Teppanyaiki tables were installed, new bulkheads, deckheads and floor covering.