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April 22nd, 2024

We are at a pivotal moment in time in our battle against climate change. As both a company, and individuals, we have a responsibility to take the much need steps to cutting our emissions, reducing our waste generation, and leaving a lasting, positive impact on our environment.

The planet is not invincible, our wider environment and natural resources are precious, and must be preserved for future generations to use and enjoy. 

The theme of World Earth Day this year is the ongoing battle of ‘Planet vs Plastics’.
Plastics are a conflicting material, their introduction provided many immediate benefits, however, the over-production, their over-reliance, and improper disposal, have seen detrimental effects on the living environment.
Both land and marine based eco-systems have experienced the worst of these harmful effects, with animal habitats being destroyed due to the build-up of waste plastics in our oceans, and countryside.
Plastic pollution is a dangerous issue, as it chokes marine wildlife, damages soil and poisons groundwater, and can cause serious negative impacts to both human, animal and plant health.

Plastic production is an extremely energy-intensive process, using high volumes of fossil fuels to create. The need for businesses to opt for reusable products and navigate away from the use of single-use plastics has never been greater. Reducing plastic usage in business can reduce a company’s waste generation, improve their diversion from landfill rates, and benefit their upstream & downstream supply chain emissions.

Mivan recognises our role in tackling the climate crisis and are making moves to address our plastic usage.
Per our sustainability strategy, we are committed to a reduction of single use plastics in our operations as far as reasonably practicable by 2025. Our reusable water bottles have been issued to staff last year, with other departments reviewing how they can filter out the need for plastic products.
We also understand the need to train staff on the issues faced by climate change, with 12 staff currently Carbon Literacy Certified, with another 12 scheduled for next month.

As an individual, there are steps that you can take to do your part in the ‘Planet vs Plastics’ struggle. You can show your commitment by signing the Global Plastics Treaty petition issued by World Earth Day – calling for the United Nations and Governmental Organisations to commit to a formal review of their approach to plastic pollution. You can find out more information about the petition, and sign it, here:

“Plastic pollution is a global problem demanding a global solution. It is an issue transcending national borders, affecting every nation and citizen on Earth.” – World Earth Day, 2024.