Accountability is our belief. That’s why we adhere to a range of third-party accreditations to ensure that we meet the highest standards in health and safety, environmental protection, and human rights.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is one of our core values. Our motto is: “Safety Always, second nature.” We work as a team to make sure that our working environment is free from hazards to ourselves and others.. To view ISO 45001 certificate - Click here.

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Sustainable and environmentally aware business

We commit to making balanced decisions about our use of natural resources. Considering our contributions towards tackling climate change and setting annual environmental objectives. Our environmental performance delivers on identified KPI's. Follows legislative changes and assess the potential impact of the business on the environment. We are ISO 14001 certified and Chain of Custody® certified. To view ISO 14001 certificate - Click here.

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Our operations adhere to the standards of ISO 9001, ensuring everything we build is of the highest quality. To view ISO 9001 certificate - Click here.

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Mivan's Awards

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